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Andrew Jeffries is a former Partner with Allen & Overy LLP, who now sits as an independent arbitrator, expert determiner and provides bespoke training in arbitration, advocacy and dispute resolution. 

Your Choice for Independent Arbitrator

Andrew offers extensive experience sitting in complex commercial arbitration cases across the spectrum of industry sectors as sole, party-appointed and presiding arbitrator.  With a commitment to professionalism and integrity, Andrew excels in providing efficient and impartial solutions. 

Independent Arbitrator Advantage


With minimal overheads, and without a law firm policy dictating price, I am always able to tailor my fees and costs to what is reasonable for the particular dispute.


I am not vulnerable to the same conflicts which often arise from being part of a large law firm or chambers;


I only takes on work which can comfortably be accommodated, and so avoids the diary clashes and delays which come from being a busy practitioner.


Andrew  has conducted hundreds of training courses and given hundreds of seminars.  He specialises in providing bespoke training in an interactive format to give students precisely the tools and skills they need for their particular circumstances.  This training covers predominantly arbitration and advocacy, but also expert determination and general dispute resolution.     

Andrew Jeffries

  • 23 years as a dispute resolution lawyer
  • 13 years as an independent arbitrator
  • Higher Court Advocate
  • Former Deputy Registrar, High Court of Hong Kong
  • Former member Law Reform Commission of Hong Kong
  • Panel Arbitrator for SIAC, ACICA, AIAC, VIAC
  • Fellow CIArb & AIADR  


My mission is to provide exceptional legal services with independence, integrity, professionalism, and a commitment to excellence. I believe in the effectiveness and future of alternative dispute resolution methods.  

Common Resources

Arbitration and Expert Determination are forms of alternative dispute resolution (ADR) where parties resolve their conflicts outside of the courtroom. Click here for some common resources: